SiMAP® is a wireless measurement system of the future. You can easily locate heating, cooling, humidity and air quality problems inside the building by using SiMAP. SiMAP system brings remarkable benefits compared to traditional ways of measuring:

  • Wireless sensor modules and wireless server connection make
    installation fast and easy
  • Real-time continuous measurements collecting historic data
  • Easy-to-understand graphical trends available for all measurement data
  • Remote operation using Internet browser reduses the number of
    visits to measurement site

SiMAP - versatile tool for measuring building condition

Using the SiMAP system doesn't require any complex actions. Also interpreting and comparing graphical  trend results is clear because results are presented in a easy-to-understand graphical format. SiMAP is used among other things in:

  • Thermal mapping and balancing heating distribution systems
  • Monitoring heating and cooling central functions
  • Measuring relative humidity of the indoor air and in constructions
  • Measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) in the indoor air

The versatility of the SiMAP system is superior. You can take all the measures mentioned above just by selecting appropriate sensor modules to your SiMAP case. You can also use several SiMAP cases in one site or measure several sites simultaniously. Just follow the measurement progress effortlesly from your computer's Internet browser.


Continuous historic data revealed the problems of one-time measurements
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